Transition of the wet suit body

B Type suit

According to Akira Sasaki, a silver wet suit and a bright red one imported from the US were cut and pasted into one for the body of C Type Ultraman.

At any rate, a lot of development can be seen in the transition of the body of Ultraman as well.

Though Satoshi (Bin) Furuya‘s body shape remained unchanged, the costume of Ultraman was getting well-built as it was newly made because it was stuffed with urethane to make it look muscular.


The B Type costume looks more muscular than that of the A Type, but it often shows wrinkles in its belly characteristically.

I don’t think it doesn’t jump to the eye so much, but it seems the production people didn’t like them.

And they got the wrinkles out in making the C Type suit.

The C Type suit looks most muscular among the three types of Ultraman’s costumes.


The C Type suit is admired among the fans as the completed Ultraman including the head.

Personally, I love the flavor of each one from the A Type to the C Type.

And the B Type Ultraman is my favorite among them.

Any way, the production people were absolutely uncompromising in pursuit of making Ultraman look cool.

C Type suit

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