True Heroes: Haruo Nakajima And Bin Furuya

Bin Furuya

Seeing Haruo Nakajima and Satoshi (Bin) Furuya warmly welcome in the US as Mr. Godzilla and the original Ultaman actor makes me feel extremely happy while I learnt they were often invited by ardent fans to participate in their gatherings.

I think they are also those who fought fierce battles with another ‘kaiju’ in their careers I have been talking about in recent posts, and I don’t think they are so much rewarded as they deserve here in Japan.

Neither the success of Godzilla nor of Ultraman did not necessarily promise them successful careers as actors, and both of them should have experienced many hardships in their life while part of the experience was described in their memoir although I’m not going to treat them tragically.

Needless to say, they have a lot of big fans of theirs here in Japan as well who have supported them, but, when I see how much popularity they have gained in the US, which could be more than in Japan, it makes me even happier.

I can’t help hoping they will spend fun time as much as possible with their overseas fans wishing them good health and longevity.

I do hope they will be blessed with great happiness because they have accomplished what deserves it by making a great number of people happy.

I thank American people for the warm welcome they have extended to the true heroes.

2 thoughts on “True Heroes: Haruo Nakajima And Bin Furuya”

  1. I am happy that I got to meet both Nakajima and Furuya in Los Angeles. They were both glad to see that they had such fans in America. Nakajima signed a picture of Gomess in my Ultra Q book. He was surprised and said “Ah! Gomess! Me!” I think he was happy to see a different picture than Godzilla. When I met Furuya, my Japanese was good enough that I could tell him that he will always be Amagi to me, because I am from Hawaii where they showed Ultra Seven before Ultraman. He was happy about that, and he signed two autographs for me — one said Ultraman and the other said Amagi!

    1. Hahaha, Nakajima-san should also be a charming person. It’s great that you put out a picture of Gomess instead of Godzilla.
      Yeah, I know you should be fluent in Japanese as I have a keen sense of knowing things. 🙂
      Bin-san should have been happy about it as well!

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