Two actors who became Ultraman

Mr. Furuya (left) and Mr. Kikuchi

The actor for the original Ultraman is Satoshi Furuya.

Mr. Furuya was an actor of Toho (movie company) when he acted Ultraman.

He acted “Amagi” of Ultra Keibitai (Ultra Garrison, defense team) in “Ultra Seven” after “Ultraman” without a mask.

After years of no publication, he came back in front of us in 2007.

It was a great pleasure for Utra fans to see him fine.

On March 11 in 2012, a talk event was held in a small theater in Tokyo.

Satoshi Furuya and Eiichi Kikuchi who acted “Kaette-kita Ultraman” joined to appear in front of the audience.

They held the talk show on March 11, one year after the 3.11 earthquake.

I felt their intention to cheer up Ultra fans by the appearance of the two heroes in front of us.

I also went to see them although I rarely go to see such events.

Mr. Kikuchi is a very funny person making us laugh with his jokes.

Mr. Furuya was gently smiling beside him.

They sincerely answered each question gathered Ultra fans asked them.

It was really a heart-warming event.

I cordially thank the two of Ultraman for the wonderful opportunity.


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