Two Versions Of The Ultraseven Theme Song

Episode 4

It is well known that Ultraseven has two versions of its theme song composed by Toru Fuyuki.

He says he was asked by Hajime Tsuburaya, director, Eiji Tsuburaya’s first son, to compose three different songs for the theme song so that they could finally choose one out of them  through discussion with the TBS people.

Fuyuki says the English song ‘ULTRASEVEN’ (in which the phrases ‘one, two, three, four…’ were sung) was one of the songs he submitted while it was not supposed to be picked as the theme song.

Episode 7

And he composed the other two as well: (Part 1) the theme song that can be heard at the beginning of each episode; (Part 2) the uptempo song with the same lyrics.

I’ve heard that they chose the version Part 1 by letting children listen to the two ahead of the broadcast to see which one would be liked among them.

The version Part 2 can be heard in the show as a piece of background music as Kazuho Mitsuta, director, liked it and used the instrumental version of the rejected theme song.

Episode 36

That is the music with the horn featured which is played in the scenes of Ultraseven fighting with the giant form of Alien Goddra in Episode 4 after he chased the alien disguised as Dan and changed into his giant version.

While the instrumental version of the theme song Part 2 was also used in Episode 7 featuring Alien Quraso, the midair docking scenes of Ultra Hawk 1, and Episode 36, battle scenes with Alien Pega, I find the music with a buoyant rhythm extremely great.

As I do love it, it’s truly a shame that it was not used so much in the show.

4 thoughts on “Two Versions Of The Ultraseven Theme Song”

  1. I also love this song! It makes the Godora fight exciting. I wish they had used this song in even more fight scenes! You can hear the vocal version of this Theme Song Part 2 on the Ultra Series Matsu Shu Rokuhen — this is the version that could have been the song heard at the beginning of every episode!

    1. Yeah, the music sounds great! I have heard the vocal version, too. Does the CD have the instrumental version on it as well if I may ask?

      1. The Matsu Shu Rokuhen does not have the instrumental version of Theme Song Part 2. But you can find the instrumental version of Theme Song Part 2 on Ultra Seven Sho Ongaku Shu and Ultra Seven Music File! Another good CD that has the instrumental version of Theme Song Part 2 is Ultraman Kessen Music File (VAP: VPCD-81088), which has the squadron themes and fight themes from Ultraman to Ultraman Leo.

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