Type B Ultraman & Baltan III Displayed At An Exhibition

I wrote about what happened to the Type C costume of Ultraman after the original TV series ended in my previous article, and I already talked about the transition from the type A Ultraman costume to Zoffy in this blog.

Then what happened to the Type B costume of him after the use?
It has been said that the Type B suit was stolen from the Tsuburaya storehouse while it had been stored there and displayed at exhibitions regrettably.

And the incident has made it impossible to see what the mask was actually like and to duplicate it from the original form although some people have attempted to reproduce the mask on their own so far.

The Type B mask shown at exhibitions held today is one of these masks sculpted by enthusiastic modelers professionally involved in tokusatsu products while the Type C mask displayed at such exhibitions is a replica duplicated from its original mold (so not exactly the same thing as the one used in the shooting).

Meanwhile, precious and rare photos of the Type B Ultraman costume displayed at an exhibition are found to be shown in the Ultraman Treasures I bought the other day.

Furthermore, amazingly enough, the costume is seen displayed along with the suit of Alien Baltan III that was apparently repainted after the shooting of Ultraman Episode 33.

The Ultraman Treasures book says the exhibition was held in 1967 at a now-defunct facility in Hyogo Prefecture under the direction of, surprisingly, Eiji Tsuburaya, and the costumes equipped with a machine inside to move them were exhibited along with Mothra and King Ghidorah that were also on display.

As these real costumes used in the shooting can never be seen anymore today, the people who saw the exhibition back then should not have been aware of what it would mean in the future in spite of the excitement they are assumed to have experienced!

6 thoughts on “Type B Ultraman & Baltan III Displayed At An Exhibition”

  1. Dear booska-san
    I bought this book “Ultraman Daizenshu”(printed in1987) for many years and wonder about the pictures in page 225. I believed it was the original beautiful B type suit that used in the shooting. The guy in the suit was too short so it has wrinkle on the arm and leg. But the mask ,the pattern on the body, pointing toes upward has clearly features of the Type B Ultraman.

      1. It says this is a rare snapshot of the Type B Ultraman taken sometime around the beginning of 1967 in a studio where still photos were taken for the cover of an issue of “Weekly TV Guide” while the loose-fitting costume tells us the man inside is not Mr. Bin Furuya.

        I hear there were times back then when publishers had to take such photos for magazines on their own making someone from the publishing company wear the suit as it is not that the actors including Bin-san were always available for such photo shoots. 🙂

    1. Great! I remember I used to have this book and it’s gone now.
      I think I’m going to buy one in the days ahead!
      Thank you for reminding me!

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