Episode Episode 17: Underground: Go! Go! Go!
Alias Underground Robot
Height 2.8 meters
Weight 2 tons
Homeplace Underground city
Features Guarding the underground city
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Sculpting crew of Tsuburaya Productions
Actor Haruo Nakajima

U-tom is the human-sized biped robot guarding a mysterious underground city.

Who built the city for what reason remains unknown.

It has a ray gun fixed to the right arm and the left arm shaped like a hammer ball for striking.

Multiple individuals of U-tom were on guard in the city, and they can be identified by a plate on the chest with a mysterious code. (The scenes were shot with only one costume.)

They speak a language with an electric voice which doesn’t make sense to us.

Still photo of U-tom

Above all, this episode is such an important episode which revealed how Dan Moroboshi came into being.

First of all, a cave-in accident occurred in the coal mine and a young miner was trapped in the tunnel at the depth of 1,000 meters from the ground surface.

He was embroiled in the accident while returning into the tunnel to save Chukichi, his pet house mouse.

Learning the trapped man was Jiro Satsuma, Dan decided to rescue him by all means.

The Fixed Star Observer #340 of Nebula M78, who was to be called Ultraseven by the earthlings, made up his human form by copying  Jiro’s appearance and soul when he came to the Earth for the first time and named himself Dan Moroboshi when in the human form.

Still photo of U-tom (It doesn’t become a giant)

While searching for Jiro, however, Dan was captured in the underground city.

After transforming into Ultraseven and destroying one of U-tom, he managed to rescue Jiro. (Sadly enough, it’s likely Chukichi is set to have been dead in the script.)

The underground city was exploded by the Ultra Garrison.

Many people point out it’s a reckless act to destroy the city without properly knowing who built it and what it was for.

I absolutely agree.

Anyway this is an attractive episode also featuring the Magmarizer, underground tank of the UG.

Underground City. Looks tiny? Have a heart.

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