Uenishi Seven

Ultra Seven & Capsule Monster Windom

It might be unthinkable that an ordinary actor plays as a suit actor today.

But that’s what happened to Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, actor for Ultraman.

As he’s not an action actor, it’s only natural that he was unfamiliar with playing action scenes.

The unfamiliarity, maybe unexpectedly, helped to create actions unique to the original Utraman.

And that surely made it look all the more like an alien.


Furuya Ultraman definitely remains the true Shodai Ultraman along with Uenishi Seven, which is the original Ultra Seven played by the original actor Koji Uenishi.

In the case of Mr. Uenishi, as he was an action actor specializing in sword fighting for samurai movies, he displayed his ability to play action scenes to the fullest in acting Ultra Seven.

Though Uenishi Seven is much shorter than Furuya Ultraman, mighty- and strong-looking Seven was as much attractive as Ultraman.


Tohl Narita was anxious to have Mr. Furuya play Ultra Seven after Ultraman though it was not realized.

But, once we’re familiar with Uenishi Seven, it may give us a feeling of strangeness if Seven is tall and slender like Ultraman.

Each one of them played the Ultra heroes as an actor with the face covered by the mask.

But I think they played Ultraman and Ultra Seven excellently and uniquely.

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