UG members

Ultra Garrison consists of 6 members.

The setting for each character is also a little more detailed in comparison with SSSP of “Ultraman.”


UG is headed by Taicho (captain) Kiriyama, born in Tokyo, age 38 with corps history of 16 years.

He is portrayed as a warm-hearted but sometimes strict captain.


Tai-in (member) Furuhashi is born in Hokkaido, age 29 with corps history of 7 years.

His first name is Shigeru.

He is called the most powerful man in the TDF.


Tai-in Soga is born in Kyushu at the age of 25 with corps history of 3 years.

He is the top-rated shooting champion of the TDF.

He is portrayed like a close friend with Dan.


Tai-in Amagi is born in Nagoya with corps history of 2 years.

He is explained as a good planner.

Intelligent guy but sometimes timid as he is scared of heights or gunpowder.

Satoshi Furuya, actor for Amagi, played Ultraman in the preceding “Ultraman.”


Tai-in Anne Yuri has corps history of 2 years with the age left unknown in the drama, but the probable age is 20.

She is a member of UG and also a medical doctor for Medical Center of the base.

She falls in love with Dan by degrees.


Tai-in Dan Moroboshi is, actually a spaceman from M-78, the 6th member of UG newly enrolled.

And Ultra Seven is regarded as the enigmatic 7th member.

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