Ultra Eye is gone!


Dan cannot transform back into Ultra Seven without Ultra Eye.

Therefore, cunning aliens always target it.

Why wouldn’t they end Dan to save the trouble of stealing Ultra Eye?

Just forget about it!

It thrilled us to see Dan unable to become Seven with Ultra Eye unavailable.


Dan captured by U-tom

“Ultra Eye is gone!”

This dialogue of Dan when he noticed the absence of it remains in our memory.

U-tom (pronounced as you-tom) appearing in Episode 17 “Underground: Go! Go! Go!” are the life-sized robots which guard an enigmatic underground city.

Dan is captured by them and gets shackled where Ultra Eye is apart from him.

Dan gets it back by bringing it to his side by remote control function of the UG belt.


“This function was only for this time and left unused afterward somehow.

I wish that would have saved Dan the trouble having Ultra Eye stolen or lost.”


Alien Poll

Koji Moritsugu says in his memoir as above.

In Episode 25 “Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero,” Dan loses Ultra Eye in the snow field generated by Alien Poll in their plot of “The Third Ice Age.”

Before Dan managed to find out Ultra Eye in snow, Capsule Monster Miclas fought against Gander Alien Poll control.

The monsters of “Ultra Seven” are mostly space monsters used by master aliens as their pawn.

2 thoughts on “Ultra Eye is gone!”

  1. If I remember correctly, the real Ultraseven head mask used in series was stolen from Koji Moritsugu’s restaurant some years back 🙁

    1. I think it was a replica cast out of the original mold that was stolen rather than one of the real heads actually used for the show.
      It’s a real bummer that Moritsugu had it stolen at any rate as it’s made him feel truly sad…
      Thanks for your comment!

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