Ultra Eye

Tohl Narita’s design of Ultra Seven (final version)

The final version of Ultraman design doesn’t exist as Tohl Narita embarked on molding the mask came to a standstill in designing on paper.

But the final version of Ultra Seven does exist.

The design of Ultra Seven was modeled on western armors.


As you may know, Dan Moroboshi transforms into Ultra Seven attaching a glass-shaped item called “Ultra Eye” on his eyes.

The shape around Seven’s eyes follows it.


In the planning stage, the production corresponding to Ultra Seven was titled “Ultra Keibi-tai (Ultra Garrison)”, and no hero like Ultraman was supposed to appear.

It was supposed to depict Ultra Keibi-tai’s activities mostly in space.

The idea reflects the arrival of the space age in those days Apollo and Soyuz stand for.


That is the background for the planning of “Ultra Seven.”


Through transitions, there was a duration when the pseudonym title of the product was “Ultra Eye” for a while.

Eye-slugger, Seven’s fatal blow to sever the opponent by throwing the space boomerang on top of Seven’s head, shows the trace in the name.

With that title, looks like the hero’s name was Redman again.

I’m not sure if it’s why Seven’s body is in red.

Finally, the title and the hero’s name were decided as “Ultra Seven” after that of an SFX comedy by Tsuburaya Production about seven ape-men which was not produced.

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