Ultra Fight Baltan & Alien Baltan Jr.

Shadow cloning technique of Baltan expressed in the Ultra Fight way

Alien Baltan was already acknowledged as the rival villain of Ultraman while enjoying great popularity among us kinds in those days, and he also appeared in the show “Ultra Fight” on the frequent basis although he is described just as “Baltan” in the show.

The costume of Baltan is said to have been the one made for stage shows even though it ended up, as it is often the case with stage show monsters, looking so much different from the original Alien Baltan with the surface parts simply attached to the body suit (it looks like fabric but the body shown in the other photo on this page looks like a wetsuit).

Amazingly enough, Baltan who appeared in “Ultra Fight” Episode 195 had human-like hands instead of nippers while holding a wooden stick along with the other monsters to fight against Ultraseven, which I believe will tell you what a crazy show it was.

He dishonored himself exposing even the actor’s chin when he was found lying on the ground after being defeated by Ultraseven.

There is speculation that the costume of Alien Baltan Jr. who appeared in “Return of Ultraman” was sculpted by casting its head out of the mold copied from the “Ultra Fight” Baltan.

Whether true or not, they look quite similar for sure while the Baltan Jr. costume was modeled by Kaimai Production that sculpted most of the monster suits used in the second Ultra Series starting with “Return of Ultraman.”

I have to admit, however, along with “Ultra Fight” Baltan, I found Alien Baltan Jr. pretty disappointing when I saw him when I was a kid as he ended up falling far behind the original Alien Baltan (and Alien Baltan II) in reality.

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  1. When I was a kid and studied in grade 4 (around year 1972) I bought 2 mini Ultra7 pictureAlbum from a Grocery near my school. Some picture make me wondered, Some Kaiju looked different from the one that I’ve have seen. The background of the picture looked like the odinary ground or field not in The studio. Now, from your Articles I know Where are these pictures came from. Thank you so much Booska-san. (Ultra Fight series have never aired in Thailand)

        1. Hahaha, your reply gave me a big, good laugh. It comes as no surprise that the pictures puzzled you then.
          I’m happy to hear my post helped to solve your long-standing question.

          Thanks for sharing all these!

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