Ultra Hawk 1


The TDF and UG equipment also developed a lot in comparison with that of SSSP.

It is another charm “Ultra Seven” has and that makes it so much distinctive among all the Ultra or Ultraman Series.

First of all, an eye-opener is Ultra Hawk 1.

It is a large-sized six-seater battle plane which flies at the spped of Mach 4.

It can fly in the air and also in the space.


The point is Hawk 1 can separate into three battle planes, Alpha, Beta and Gamma, and join together again.

And the launching sequence of Ultra Hawk 1 is fabulous!

The launching platform goes up from underground with Hawk 1 on.

The hilltop opens aside and Hawk 1 takes off.


During the launching sequence, you can hear an English announcement by the flight control.

“Fourth gate, open!
Quickly! Quickly!
Fourth gate, open!
Fourth gate, open!
Twenty seconds before!
All out! All out!
Pull the throttle!
All right! Let’s go!”


Putting aside whether the English expression is accurate, it sounded so cool to a child of the time.

It is well known the announcement was voiced by Kazuho Mitsuta, one of the directors for Ultra Seven.

In Episode 7, you can watch exciting coalescence and separation scenes of Hawk 1.

It’s really exciting!!!

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