Ultra is like a time machine!


In “Kanegon’s Cocoon” (Ultra Q; Episode 15), you can see Kanegon and friends run through a shopping mall of the time.

At any rate, the video picture of the Ultra Series reminds me of the good old days of Japan as the one who spent the childhood in the same period.

The scenes of each episode makes me feel irresistibly nostalgic.

In Japan of the time, high economic growth got started.

But there were still idyllic scenes here and there.


In Kanegone’s episode, there are scenes (shot in Tokyo) which make me wonder if it’s really Tokyo.

So, I think it should be much fun to find what Japan looked like at the time in the early Ultra Series.

In those days, there were lots of children playing outdoors where ever you go.

Not a single day passed by without hearing their joyous shouts.

We commonly had shopping malls lined with a variety of private shops and crowded by people.


All of these all-too-common sights are gone now with urbanization, falling birth rate and structural changes of the economy around us.

Including “Kanegon’s Cocoon,” you can often see the yards with a pile of hume pipes appear in the drama of the early Ultra Series which used to be children’s playland.

It tells something about economic growth of the time.

The video pictures which made me feel the future in my childhood make me feel nostalgic now.

Ultra is like a time machine!

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  1. I am happy to share these pages with fans who are excited to see them! I have never found out where Bekiler comes from — I wonder if he is an original monster only used in the Hawaii Ultra Seven live shows. They used monsters from other Tsuburaya shows like Aroza (from Mirror Man), but I have looked through all of the monsters from other Tsuburaya shows and have never found Bekiler. They also used Pochi Pochi (from Chibira-Kun) and Booska as comedy monsters, which you can see in the photo.

    See the person in the very 1970s clothes (I drew a red square around him)? That’s Masato Shimon! He sang a version of the Ultra Seven theme song with English lyrics for when Ultra Seven was shown in Hawaii.

    1. This is just great! What a fascinating show featuring so many nostalgic monsters including Booska and even Pochi Pochi! And I really love the captions for the photos! Ultraseven’s intensely sparking eyes are so moving. 🙂

      And Masato Shimon…this leaves me almost lost for words with nostalgia…
      Thank you very much for the truly nice information in addition to the previous one!!!

      By the way, I’ve just found Bekiler online as Vekira among Ultraman Leo’s monsters!
      I hope you will find it out!

      Thanks again!

      1. Thank you for finding Bekira! A long time ago I looked at all of the Tsuburaya monsters and did not find Bekira… I wish I had looked more carefully! They even showed reruns of Ultraman Leo two years ago (in 2014) on channel 13 in Hawaii — maybe I could have seen Bekira then!

        Rainbowlar is another Ultraman Leo monster that they used in the Hawaii Ultra Seven show. Here are some funny pictures of him! Another one of my favorite funny pictures is Eleking with the sunglasses. The top left picture is also a good nostalgia photo, because the parking lot is the same but none of those stores are there anymore.

        1. Oh..I definitely love the articles and the featured photos! I almost howled with laughter. Eleking with his sunglasses and mighty hammer looks just great!
          And I know how you feel about the stores that are gone as the same things are happening here in Japan.

          Many thanks indeed for the precious information and big laughs!!!

  2. I enjoy reading your nostalgic posts and how you can see the old Japan of your childhood memories in the Ultra series. I live in California, but I am originally from Hawaii. In Hawaii, they showed Ultra Seven before Ultraman, so Ultra Seven is more nostalgic there. In 1975, Ultra Seven and the monsters came to Hawaii, where they met Governor Ariyoshi and put on live shows on each island.

    In these pictures, you can see the old Hawaii of 1975. This is nostalgic for me, like seeing Kanegon walking through the mall is for you.

    1. Hi, welcome to my blog!
      The linked image is truly a great and precious piece of information!
      Given it was in 1975, no wonder a monster which looks like Black King of The Return of Ultraman can be found in the photos including the one showing Ultraseven grappling with him. I wonder which series the monster Bekiler on all fours was from…
      I love the writing of the article, too! 🙂

      I find it extremely exciting!
      Thanks a lot for sharing this!

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