Ultra Q Is The World Of Kaijus

Photo session held on the set of ‘Garamon Strikes Back’ (The way Eiji Tsuburaya and Kanegon look while standing side by side is somewhat odd and funny)

I almost admitted that Toho-like monsters featured in Ultra Q, especially the ones appearing in the episodes produced as UNBALANCE, didn’t look so much attractive as the kaijus designed by Tohl Narita.

I assume the characters, such as a giant flower, giant human, giant slug, giant bird, giant ape, giant spider, giant mole, giant octopus and so on, can hardly be deemed as kaijus in a real sense today.

At any rate, while it should be unbelievable to young people, it was when creatures that just grew to gigantic sizes were found impressive enough and passed for monsters.


As a matter of fact, they had much impact back then while we found them sufficiently frightening as a kid.

As I have written, the series being produced as UNBALANCE ended up changing into Ultra Q that was to mainly feature kaikus.

Takashi Kakoi, then TBS producer, seems to have taken pains in deciding the broadcast order of the series, and it was arranged so that the episodes featuring kaijus were to be aired, at the best, ahead of the other ones to attract viewers’ attention.


While Ultra Q started being extensively promoted as a kaiju show, a 15-minute-long TV special titled ‘Ultra Q Is The World Of Kaijus’ (unrelated to the photo on top) is said to have been aired on Dec. 25, 1965, before the series started being broadcast on Jan. 2, 1966.

I found a person on the Internet who recollected that he had watched the special as a child fortunately while his mother told him that a new show titled Ultra Q was likely to get started in a while featuring new kaijus which were different from Godzilla and Rodan.

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