“Ultra Seven Pictorial”

“Ultra Seven Pictorial”

I got a book “Ultra Seven Pictorial” which covers publication of “Ultra Seven” for children at the time around 1967.

Because they are shown as they were at that time, you can find out how Seven was dealt with in publications of the time.

Every time I take a look at old publications like this, I am impressed with how much they are well made.


In these publications, it’s repeatedly mentioned Ultra Seven means the 7th member of Ultra Garrison.

In the later series, all the Ultra heroes from Ultraman (the first) to Leo including Zoffy have been set as brothers without blood relationship, and they were called “Ultra Brothers.”

In time, they got to be called “Ultraman Family” including “Father of Ultra” and “Mother of Ultra.”

Such settings were not around yet at the time of these publications.

So it’s only natural Ultraman and Seven were dealt with as separate products.


It is interesting, however, to find a question in the Q’s and A’s asking whether Ultraman and Seven are brothers or not.

The answer is just that they are from the same Nebula M-78, not mentioning whether they are brothers or not.

I think this is a gorgeous book which is very much precious as a reference of the time.

I will show you some of it later!!!

Seven appearing on the covers of “Weekly Shonen Magazine” of the time

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