Ultraman 50th Anniversary Special 2


The show proceeded introducing the history of the Ultra Series up to now including the social backgrounds of the time, popular episodes and popular monsters with the entire episode of Ultraman’s Episode 39 shown.

The top 10 popular episodes chosen in the preceding vote were as below:


  1. The Greatest Invasion In History (Conclusion) (Ultraseven #49)
  2. The Monster User And The Boy (The Return Of Ultraman #33)
  3. The Targeted Town (Ultraseven # 8)
  4. My Home Is The Earth (Ultraman # 23)
  5. Farewell, Ultraman (Ultraman #39)
  6. The Last Day Of The Six Ultra Brothers! (Ultraman Taro #34)
  7. MAC Annihilated! The Flying Saucer Is A Living Creature (Ultraman Leo #40)
  8. Ambassador Of The Nonmalt (Ultraseven #42)
  9. The Life That Can’t Be Forgiven (The Return Of Ultraman #34)
  10. Super Weapon R-1 (Ultraseven Episode #26)


Besides this, Gomora was chosen as the most popular kaiju among the final eight that won the votes in advance:

Alien Baltan, Alien Metron, Tyrant, Eleking, Gomora, King Joe, Pigmon and Zetton.

What drew my attention was that their well-made kaiju costumes used for the show that look quite similar to the original ones while I think they are the same costumes as the ones that can be seen in recent TV commercials I mentioned before.


They should probably be modeled by Fuyuki Shinada who now works for the Tsuburaya Productions with his disciples. (Baltan’s eyes and Eleking’s horns left just fixed and motionless was a bit shame including Metron whose luminescent parts didn’t glow except the eyes.)

Above all, we should never forget that all the kaiju except Tyrant are the ones designed by Tohl Narita although his name ended up being just briefly referred to with no photos of his in the show.

His and his works’ greatness came home to me afresh.


2 thoughts on “Ultraman 50th Anniversary Special 2”

  1. I’ll admit being envious to not being able to watch the show from here (never-mind my lack of understanding Japanese), but also thankful that they (NHK/Tsuburaya) included our artwork onto their website’s submissions from fans.

    Thank you for sharing information and images from the show!

    1. My pleasure. Your and your wife’s artwork is really great! It’s also a great thing to see it shown on the website! I’ve got more about the show to talk about and hope you’ll enjoy it. By the way, I’m envious about your wonderful kaiju collections!

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