Ultraman Art (in 2012) 2

Gomora by Ryosaku Takayama

According to one explanation, the whole B type suit was stolen when it was displayed in the 1970’s and has been missing since then.

It’s a bit shame none of them were the masks actually used in the shooting though they looked beautiful and charming as expected.

As to the mask of Ultra Seven, it gives me a bit different impression from the real one though it’s supposed to be duplicated by Akira Sasaki, who molded the original mask, from the original mold.


Maybe because the eyes are shaped a bit differently including the shape of the eye holes.

As all of the displayed items were what I had never seen before, it was so much fun.

The original monster heads of Gomora, Abolas and Banila modeled by Ryosaku Takayama were also on display.

They were the ones detached from the real suits for shooting of the time.

Though they showed the aged deterioration, they still looked so real and alive!!!

I still feel a feeling of vitality in the eyes!


I felt like they were saying, “Look, we are still alive!!!”

The look just like stuffed animals made even my wife amazed and impressed though she’s indifferent to Ultra.

I learnt afresh Mr. Takayama did a real great job.

His favorite modeling equipments were also shown.

They made me feel his careful craftsmanship.

It was a fulfilling exhibition indeed which must have made my wife happy as well. (I guess so!)

Abolas & Banila by Ryosaku Takayama

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