Ultraman created from claywork

I like the design of both Ultraman and Ultra Seven.

As totally different in concept, each design has its own fascination.

Toru Narita, if my memory is correct, told that he was more fond of the design of Ultraman than Ultra Seven.

As Toru Narita thought the symbol of “cosmos” should be extremely simple, any decoration was removed in designing Ultraman.

When you see the silver body of Ultraman, you may not be sure whether it is the spaceman’s spacesuit or his skin.

You cannot know whether the face is the spaceman’s face or a steely mask he wears.

The uncertainty is what Toru Narita intended.

At that time there were artists and illustrators involved in art works for Ultraman publication.

Inoichiro Sekiguchi, one of the artists, told in a recent book he was in trouble about how he should interpret the above.

According to his writing,Toru Narita was at a standstill in designing Ultraman’s face during limited time.
He was in charge of designing Kaijyu,mechanics and so on for the entire work “Ultraman.”

Narita gave up drawing Ultraman on paper and switched to claywork.
Given he is a sculptor, it should be only natural.

Narita worked on the prototype with his fellow sculptor Akira Sasaki.

And the mask of Ultraman was finished at last.

In designing characters, the face should be most important.

I see it interesting that the face of Ultraman was originated as a solid body not on paper.

I remember Toru Narita wrote somewhere that the final version of the design of Ultraman’s face did not exist because he quit it and switch to the clay work.

It is a truly sculptor’s work.

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