“Ultraman Eve Festival” 1

Title saying “Birth of Ultraman”

As described yesterday, “Open Up!” which was the final episode of “Ultra Q” was put on hold because it was assumed that children would have difficulties to understand the story.

So it was shown on a rerun for the first time.

It’s likely that children of the time who watched the rerun were surprised that the unseen final episode suddenly showed up.

I feel like I dimly remember it though I’m not sure.

Children and their parents in Suginami Public Hall

As “Ultra Q” consisted of self-contained episodes featuring the same human characters, it didn’t affect the entire story throughout the series even without the final episode.

The producers seemingly didn’t want to put a damper on the growing popularity of monsters fueled by those of “Ultra Q” by broadcasting its final episode featuring no monster.

And they hastily plotted a program titled “Ultraman Zenyasai (Eve Festival); Ultraman Tanjo (Birth of Ultraman).”

Ultraman showed up before people for the first time!

It was shot in Suginami Kokaido (public hall in Suginami, Tokyo) with live audiences and broadcast on July 10, 1966 instead of “Open Up!” of “Ultra Q” one week before the actual start of “Ultraman.”

I didn’t remember this monochrome program at all (I was four years old then) and saw it on video in my adulthood.

Anyway, it was exactly an historical and memorable day when Ultraman showed up before the public first time ever.

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