“Ultraman Eve Festival” 2

Ultraman battling with Red King and Chandlar

Following yesterday’s post, let me talk about “Ultraman Zenyasai (Eve Festival); Ultraman Tanjo (Birth of Ultraman).”

Surprisingly, looks like the festival was held from 1 p.m. on July 9 in 1966, just one day before the broadcasting on July 10.

The festival went on along with the appearance of then popular comedians Nonsense Trio, SSSP members and monsters of preceding “Ultra Q” and its sequel “Ultraman.”


Garamon, Kanegon and M1 as Ultra Q monsters and Alien Baltan, Antler, Chandlar (remodeled from Ultra Q’s Peguila) and Red King as Ultraman monsters can be seen live in the video.

During the battle between Ultra Q monsters and Ultraman monsters, SSSP members and, finally, Ultraman were set to appear to fight against them.

Eiji Tsuburaya also showed up in front of the audience at last.

It’s said that he was unwilling to show life-sized monsters to kids as they were supposed to be much much bigger.

But he was eventually talked into it as there was no choice.


The producers initially wanted to broadcast Episode 1 of “Ultraman” one week earlier by dropping the final episode of “Ultra Q.”

But the belated shooting of Episode 1 made it impossible.

Actually looks like the film of Episode 1 was delivered to TBS (broadcasting station of Ultra Series) just barely in time for the broadcasting on July 17.

We can learn how the production was going under time pressure at the time.

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