“Ultraman Eve Festival” 3

With Eiji Tsuburaya (center), cast members and monsters (Antler’s back-to-front body costume is noticeable)

Anyway, it’s imaginable how excited kid audiences were when they saw Ultraman monsters for the first time though Chandler’s costume was the one remodeled from Peguila.

And, moreover, Ultraman as a totally brand new superhero no one had ever seen before.

It’s said that a series of mess-ups occurred during the shooting of the live stage show in front of an audience probably because it was the first attempt.


Satoshi (Bin) Furuya (original Ultraman actor) says he stumbled and fell on the stage due to the poor visibility as the mask didn’t have eye holes large enough yet.

He just barely performed battles with monsters in such a situation.

When seeing the video, looks like he made his movements like karate, which is one of his specialties.

He says that the scene in which he returned to the stage wing hung on wires didn’t do well either due to an accident.


I hear Garamon also stumbled and fell over an electric cable or something so the head of the costume accidentally came off.

It’s well known among fans that you can see Antler wear its body costume back to front.  🙂

But the festival received quite a positive response from kid audiences and made them so much excited.

It was broadcast after the mess-up scenes were trimmed and edited overnight.

And the program marked a viewing rate over 30%.

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