Ultraman Genesis Exhibition at Yokosuka Musium 2

Kanegon in the entrance hall
Kanegon at the entrance

This is the first time for me to see the masks of Returned Ultraman, Ultraman A (Ace), Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Leo and Ultraman 80.

Also the ones of Ultra Father. Ultra Mother, and Ultraman King.

These are the real ones used in the shooting.

It was fun.


The exhibition covers the works from “Ultra Q” (1966) to “Ultraman 80” (1980).

So it was also enjoyable to see the design works of monsters and mecha from “Return of Ultraman” and after.

Regarding the early Ultra (Ultra Q, Ultraman and Ultra Seven), what drew my attention is design works done by Chikyu Iwasaki.

Looks like he designed SFX props such as firearms of SSSP and Ultra Garrison.

Ultra Seven
Ultra Seven

Eiji Tsuburaya’s diary was also on display.

The page shown was written on Jan. 2 in 1966 exactly when Ultra Q was first broadcast.

He wrote about the joy.

The pages dated Aug.14 and 15 in 1967 says he consulted with his production staff about the transformation sequence of Ultra Seven.

From right, Returned, A and Taro
From right, Returned, A and Taro

I think the exhibition was well organized making it possible for you to overview Ultra.

I saw some children in the exhibition.

It is pleasurable to know Ultra is still adored by the younger generations.

(The Ultra heroes on this page are for taking a commemorative photo in the entrance hall.)

Taro, Leo and 80
Taro, Leo and 80

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