“Ultraman Hakusho” 3


“Ultraman Hakusho” also covers the works of Toru Narita and Ryosaku Takayama.

The above is transition in designs of Ultraman drawn by Toru Narita in an article written by Shinichiro Kobayashi titled “Morphological Design Theory of Ultraman.”

You can recognize the process that the spaceman in rather monstrous figure are changing to more sophisticated one.

Ultraman on the left is an illustration by Mr. Narita in later years and not the final version of design.

As Mr. Narita says here, there is no final version of design on paper for Ultraman.

He got stuck in designing Ultraman and switched to molding the mask without the final paper design together with his fellow Akira Sasaki.

Ryosaku Takayama was in charge of molding Ultra Kaijyu.

Ryosaku Takayama (1917-1982) contributed to creating attractive Ultra Kaijyu with his excellent skills of molding.

He is a painter actually.

In Ultra, a sculptor Toru Narita designed the characters and a painter Ryosaku Takayama molded them.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Being a sculptor, Mr. Narita was able to design imagining the form when molded.

And Mr. Takayama as a painter was able to interpret Mr. Narita’s drawing for molding actual forms.

Most of Ultra Kaijyu in the first trilogy of the Ultra Series were created by Mr. Narita and Mr. Takayama.

And we were grown up in touch with the works by the two great artists.

I very much feel grateful about their unforgettable works for Ultra.


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