“Ultraman Pictorial”

“Ultraman Pictorial”

After the “Ultra Seven Pictorial” I got and posted about it before, I purchased the “Ultranman Pictorial” (published by the same publisher, Kodansha) the other day.

The size of the book is smaller than the Seven’s one, but it has a lot of content and is really enjoyable.

When “Ultraman” came out, as it was an unprecedented TV SFX series, there was no established way of featuring it yet in terms of commercial deployment or publication.


“Ultraman Pictorial” (left) and “Ultra Seven Pictorial”

So I guess “Ultra Seven” had more exposures in publication than “Ultraman.”

I think there were a lot more toys of the Ultra Seven monsters than the Ultraman’s out there at the time.

Anyway, the book has lots of things which make me feel nostalgic, and and it’s full of fun!

Before the current format of how to deal with the epoch-making hero was not established yet, the content of the book looks all the more fresh to me.


The featured photos were taken by the publishers in those days.

And looks like most of them were disposed of after the publication.

So we can enjoy seeing the precious photos rarely seen today in the pictorial.

That shows no one expected the Ultra Series would last so long at the time.

It’s an enjoyable and precious book anyway!!!

“Appearing on TV from July! Playing outstandingly against monsters, Ultraman”

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