A-type mask of Ultraman

Ultraman (A-type)

Three masks different in modeling were used for Ultraman as the shooting went on.

Besides the things about modeling, “Ultraman” had to go through a variety of attempts.

It is only natural.
Because it is almost the first attempt to have a giant hero from the space fight with Kaijyu.

The modeling of the Ultraman mask is not an exception.

The first mask called “A-type”among the fans was made of latex covering the FRP-made core.

The most outstanding feature is its mouth which makes open and close possible.

It is likely Eiji Tsuburaya himiself instructed to have the mask made that way.

At first, Ultraman was supposed to speak like human beings and even spit fire or liquid named “Silver Yodo (iodine)” out of the mouth like Kaijyu.

I guess they wanted to give Ultraman a touch of life form.
Isn’t that why they made the mask coated with latex and tried to have the mouth open and close?

The other characteristic of the A-type mask is the eyes turning upward.

The A-type mask looks rather mysterious in general with a bit scary impression.
It may suit an enigmatic spaceman.

I hear there were chilkdren at that time who had trauma because of the A-type mask.
I sympathize with them.

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