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Happy New Year!!! Hope you are having wonderful holidays!

As you know and my readers mentioned in their comments, this year 2017 marks the Ultraseven 50th anniversary following the Ultraman 50th anniversary we had last year.

Ultraseven is undoubtedly a perpetual and immortal hero alongside of Ultraman and I will definitely talk more about the series in this blog, but the anniversary issue now makes me realize I have failed to elaborate on the other tokusatsu hero designed by Tohl Narita, and I would like to write about the hero here.

That is Human.

Human was a hero starred in a TV tokusatsu titled “Totsugeki! Human!! (Go! Human!!)” (totsugeki is the term representing attack, assault and so on) while it aired in 1972 with 13 episodes.

It was a superhero series produced in rivalry with Kamen Rider aired in the competing time slot, and Human was a show videotaped in a public hall in front of  a live audience who gathered in the hall with actors who played on the stage including the costume characters.

While it could have been a novel challenge, I remember the tokusatsu series in which the characters act on the stage made me feel odd back then (the broadcast year tells me that I was 10 years old then).

The name Human didn’t sound good enough either to a kid who didn’t know it is the English word which means human being.

2 thoughts on “Ultraseven And Human 1”

  1. This hero looks very much a product of Narita’s immagination. I’d like to see a remake of this series, he looks very interesting and appealing. Did Narita also design the monsters?

    1. I agree with you. Human looks very nice. I think he did design the monsters as well while there may be some exceptions among them.

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