Ultraseven And Human 3

Human illustrated by Tohl Narita

At any rate it is a great shame to learn the video-taped TV show “Totsugeki! Human!!” is not available anymore as it seems to be said the tapes were possibly overwritten by some other TV programs back then (what a fiasco).

The show was presented as a stage drama to the end while allegedly featuring stage magic tricks or illusions including the use of smoke and lights with the leading edge techniques at that time as it is banned to use fire and water on the stage.

The restraints as a stage drama, however, undeniably ended up making the show very much unsatisfactory to us kids who grew up with more realistic tokusatsu shows produced by Tsuburaya.

Human and Human 2 illustrated by Tohl Narita

I remember, when good guys were cornered by the villain characters, the audience kids were urged to call Human by spinning a paper disc called “Human Sign” with the finger put into the hole as the discs were given out to the audience kids who gathered to see the stage show.

Although Human is to appear along with the Human Sign discs being spun and calls uttered by kids named “Human Call,” looks like children were encouraged to spin the disc more intensively and to call the hero in a louder voice so as to charge him with sufficient energy for transformation (the calls and the spinning disk were meant to generate the energy for Human).

While I don’t remember it at all (rather I didn’t watch the show so enthusiastically because I found it a bit boring back then), Human 2 also seems to have appeared in the later episodes of the series.

Image of Human Sign disks borrowed from online

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