Ultraseven Big Soft Vinyl Figure Released!

The Ultraseven big soft vinyl figure (9.2″) has been released from Bandai and I purchased one the other day.

As you may know, this figure is from the Bandai big soft vinyl figure series dealing with Ultra heroes including the figure of Ultraman I got last year.

This Ultraseven figure should have become available this year when the 50th anniversary of the show is marked, and I think it is a satisfactory product in sculpture that deserves the item for the anniversary year.

As an enthusiastic fan of the original series, however, the head slightly looks too small for Ultraseven played by Koji Uenishi, and it looks too good in body proportion while I am fully aware that there should not be people who are so much fussy about such trifles.

The figure gives me an impression that they sculpted it based on recently made Ultraseven costumes rather than the 1967 original Ultraseven, which has made it look much more stylish in a way than the original “Uenishi Seven” characterized by his stubby body shape with shorter limbs than the original Ultraman acted by Bin Furuya.

Like the smaller-sized soft vinyl figure of Ultraseven, Eye Slugger has no openings as it is monolithically molded with the head with its curled lower end left uncut although these should be unavoidable due to the material and the production process.

Skillful modellers may be able to hollow out and cut off the unwanted parts so as to make it look more real.  It might also be a bit shame to see its eyes plainly painted orange gold without the white parts and to find the dented patterns on the head painted gold instead of the original whitish color.

Nevertheless, I still find it a  very nice product worth getting as I had been looking forward to the release.

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