Episode 3 Of Ultraseven Is Awesome!


Having watched the episodes of Ultraseven from Episode 1 through 3 again made me so much excited and impressed.

I’ve found Episode 3 awesome especially among these.

Come to think of it, Episode 3 had at least four features which were often followed throughout the series after this.

The features I come up with are:

1. Female alien

2. Ultra Eye gets stolen by an alien

3. Alien controlling his/her space monster

4. Battle between an enemy space monster and Ultraseven’s capsule monster

Furuhashi & Dan checking Alien Pitt’s spacecraft

As Episode 3 is the first episode in production order actually, it may be no surprise to find it has all these new features, which made the product look so much different from Ultraman in a good sense.

In those days Tsuburaya Productions produced episode 1 of each series when the crew and cast members got used to the set while working on the later episodes in advance.

It’s well known, luxuriously enough, Ultra Q started to be aired once all the episodes were finished being shot.

And Episode 1 of Ultraman was the ninth episode in production order with Episode 2 featuring Alien Baltan as the first one filmed.

Eleking attacking the UG members over the river cliff

At any rate Episode 3 of Ultraseven is full of things worth seeing.

The SFX shooting is also marvelous with a real prop of Alien Pitt’s spacecraft used for the location shooting, ingenuity to use the outdoor set effectively for the scenes of Eleking attacking the UG members and so on.

And the plot development is fantastic as well which keeps you in suspense and never gets you bored.

Including the exciting battle between Eleking and Miclas, the depiction of the TDF Base with their equipment, Ultra Hawk 1, 2 and 3, and you name it, it’s amazing to see it filled with so many things.

Oh…what a big meal! I’m full!!!  😛

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