Ultraseven Featured In Sporting Newspaper #2

From left: Bin Furuya, Yuriko Hiishimi, Sandayu Dokumamushi and Koji Moritsugu featured in Sports Hochi

Dokumamushi (formerly Ishii) says in the talk he felt sorry for the other people who played the SSSP members as he was the only one who was decided on for the role of an Ultra Garrison member in subsequent “Ultraseven” after “Ultraman” while he was delighted as he could get a regular role in a show for another whole year.

When he asked the staff if he should change something including the appearance because he was to act a different person in “Ultraseven,” he was told it would be unnecessary to do so.

Therefore, he says kid viewers should have been confused as Furuhashi turned out to be something like a human clone from Arashi.

Brief episode reviews

Koji Moritsugu says, while the commute to the Bisen studio took him one hour and half for one way everyday by train, he had to get up at 5 in the morning to arrive at the studio in time and that children of the time didn’t make a noise letting out a cheer (even if they found Moritsugu on the train) as they didn’t think Dan would take a train. (In his memoir published in 1998, he writes he was in trouble when children found him on the train saying to each other, “Oh, That’s Dan! Dan is on the train! Ultraseven should be able to fly in the sky, though,” and they came over to ask him, “Why?”)

Yuriko HIshimi also referred to fun things she had experienced back then, but I like to introduce one in my post to come shortly afterwards as a new book authored by her has been released lately and the same story I want to tell you about is shared between this article and the newly published book.

The cross section image of the TDF Far Eastern Base newly drawn

2 thoughts on “Ultraseven Featured In Sporting Newspaper #2”

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us! This is the kind of publication that will never be available outside of Japan, so it is great to see it. The new illustration of the TDF Headquarters looks amazing! I still treasure the one that was in the old Fantastic TV Collection No. 2. I laughed at Dokumamushi’s thought that Arashi and Furuhashi might be clones — I remember I commented in one of your older posts that when I was a kid, I made up the story that Arashi and Furuhashi were brothers! I also loved the pictures of the cast members wearing or using the Ultra Gun, Ultra Eye, or the Transceiver. They still look good today! Hishimi-san will always be beautiful!

    I got an Ultra Seven 50th Anniversary publication called Ultra Seven Kanzen Kaiseki File. It has an episode guide, and they try to add a piece of trivia about each episode. For example, in the first episode, they have the script extract from when Kiriyama came up with the name “Ultra Seven” (you wrote about this in the blog entry “Why Is He Called Ultra Seven?”). His dialogue is: “Was it only six agents that have been born? No, perhaps a seventh agent may also have been born.” (“Kore de roku-mei no taiin ga tanjyoushita wa ke ka? Iya, hyottoshitara nana-hitome no taiin mo tanjyoshita kamoshiren.”) They also have interviews with celebrities about their favorite episode of Ultra Seven. I was surprised to see that one of the AKB48 singers (Tanabe Miku) is a big Ultra Seven fan, and that her favorite episode is “The Stolen Ultra Eye”! She has good taste in Ultra Seven episodes!

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words as always, RT. If this sort of information is enjoyable, that makes me definitely happy!

      Yeah, I remember your comment about Arashi and Furuhashi as possible brothers. 🙂 With technology development, they could be thought of as clones today for better or worse.

      I personally think Kiriyama’s scene naming the hero Ultraseven should be left as it was without being dropped while it is said it was removed to fit in the time slot.

      I agree, it would be perfect if the AKB girl should have referred to “The Boy Who Cried Flying Saucer” as her other favorite although the AKB girls look all the same to me!

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