Ultraseven In Hawaii

The English version of the Ultraseven theme sung by Masato Shimon

The other day, one of my readers kindly shared the information on the Ultraseven shows held in Hawaii in 1975 in the comment section on this blog.

As the linked articles were so lovably funny and worth seeing while they convey the atmosphere the shows had back then, I hope you will take a look at them and enjoy!

Although I have known that Ultraseven was aired in Hawaii in those days, these articles were such a fun thing.

Ultraseven English pamphlets shown in ‘Ultraman Whitepaper’

It was when books with detailed information on the Ultra Series for adults started being published here in Japan in the 1980s that I learnt about the fact though it was just briefly referred to in those books.

While I was a senior high student then, I didn’t imagine at all the Ultra Series would gain this much popularity even outside of Japan (and I’m now running a blog on it in English!) at the time.

The information of one of the books told us that the English version of the Ultraseven theme song was sung by Masato Shimon.

An interview with Noboru Tsuburaya shown in ‘Ultraman Whitepaper’

Masato Shimon was a representative singer of Japanese tokusatsu and amime TV shows in the 1970s, and he’s known to have sung the theme song of Kamen Rider, tokusatsu hero series that have been so popular along with the Ulraman Series.

And, excitingly enough. one of the articles mentioned above shows him on the stage of an Ultraseven show!

Last but not least, I always appreciate comments from readers that let me know what I have never known or seen.

Many thanks to you all!!!

5 thoughts on “Ultraseven In Hawaii”

  1. I used to have the record and the publication shown in your photos from the “Ultraman White paper” book! Back home in Hawaii, I’m pretty sure I still have the record, and I may still have the publication. I will check next time I return to Hawaii in December. I will be sure to take photos of them and post them here in January if I still have them!

    There is a similar Hawaii publication of Kamen Rider V3 that I still have. The three most popular in Hawaii were Ultra Seven, Kikaida, and Kamen Rider V3, but my own three favorites were Ultra Seven, GoRanger, and JAKQ Dengeki Tai.

    1. That’s amazing! Yes, please do if you still have them! I hear you say nostalgic names! I have known Kikaida is much more popular in Hawaii than in the homeland. The death of Shunsuke Ikeda who played Ichiro, Kikaida 01, is so sad…

    1. It was used in the show at least one time that I know of! It was in the episode “MAX, Come In Please” (“Makkusu Gou Otoseyo”) toward the beginning when the UG takes a small boat to get to the MAX. I love this song too! Masato Shimon also sang a version of this song — it was the Side-B of the English Ultra Seven theme song record sold in Hawaii.

    2. As RT says, this is a piece used as a background song several times in the show. I absolutely love this one, I think it truly sounds cool!
      Let’s go, Seven!

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