Ultraseven In “Ultra Fight”

Ultraseven featured in “Ultra Fight”

The hero who appeared in the newly shot episodes of “Ultra Fight” was exclusively Ultraseven while I assume it should have been simply because the Ultraman costume was unavailable for some reason.

The Ultraseven costume used in “Ultra Fight” should have been the one used in the show “Ultraseven” although it looks rather worn out with dirt all over the suit.

It is often found that the back of his head and neck part of the Ultraseven costume that appeared in the newly shot episodes seem to have been painted black.

While his eyes appear to be caved in, the costume should be the same as the suit used in the original series

There is an explanation, however, that it was the original color of the material used for those parts while a different material from the body part (wetsuit) had been used for the neck and back head parts of the Ultraseven costumes that appeared in the original show so as to make the suits easier to move.

His eyes and Beam Lamp didn’t light up, and the elevated part on the back each of the original costumes used to have to hide the zipper is found to have been removed.

His neck and the back of his head are found to be colored black

Above all, Ultraseven featured in “Ultra Fight” should be thought of as a different hero from Ultraseven who appeared in the original “Ultraseven” while he didn’t use any of his beam attacks in “Ultra Fight” (for cost cutting of the show) as he and monsters exclusively performed hand-to-hand combat fighting.

His personality is also a bit different from that of Ultraseven who appeared in the original series, and, in an episode, he was found to keep apologizing to Eleking without fighting as he accidentally woke up the monster with falling rocks who was taking a nap below a cliff.

Ultraman’s shouting and yelling voices were used for this Ultraseven (he speaks no words) probably because the hero was voiced by Koji Moritsugu who played Dan Moroboshi for each episode without using prerecorded stock voice effects.

Ultraseven apologizing to Eleking till the end

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