Episode Episode 48 & 49: The Greatest Invasion in History
Alias Nebula M78 Man
Height 40 meters
Weight 30,000 tons
Homeplace Nebula M78, Land of Light
Features Warning Dan not to turn into Ultraseven and urging him to return home
Actor Koji Uenishi
Voice Ayao Wada

Ultraseven’s Superior is the Nebula M78 man who sent a warning by telepathy to Dan who was suffering from physical disorders caused by fatal damage battles with invaders on Earth inflicted on him.

And the superior urged Dan to get back home for restoration saying that the prolonged stay on Earth would lead to his death.

It’s not that the superior appeared substantially, but just his images emerged before Dan’s eyes.

Superior: “No. 340…no, I’ll call you Ultraseven as you are called on Earth. You’ve suffered a lot of damage through frequent battles with invaders so far. Staying on Earth any longer is extremely risky. Ultraseven, it’s time to get back to Nebula M78!!!” […]


Dan: “Now I can’t. Something atrocious seems to be taking place on Earth. I can’t let it go.” […]

Superior: “I’ll only give you a single warning. Don’t consume your energy in fighting anymore. That will disable you even to return to Nebula M78! Never do the transformation!!!”

Every time Dan tried to turn into Ultraseven, the superior came up and warned him.

Superior: “Stop! Just stop it, Seven! You will surely die this time!!!”

But Dan changed into Ultraseven and stood against Alien Ghose and their kaiju Pandon to defend earthlings he loved.


Actually this Nebula M78 man was named Ultraseven’s Superior in much later years sometime around 1980, and he hadn’t have any particular name of his own before then. (I think we just called him Seven’s buddy as a kid)

It seems that he’s just described as ‘Nebula M78 Man’ in the script, and whether he’s Ultraseven’s real superior remains unknown.

Unlike Zoffy of Ultraman, Ultraseven’s Superior has exactly the same appearance as Ultraseven (for cost-cutting of the show), but I was convinced as a child that every M78 man should look the same to earthlings in the Ultraseven universe.

The superior’s words helped us learn that the hero is called Ultraseven (as the 7th member of the Ultra Garrison) just among earthlings and called No. 340 back at home.


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