Uncompromising Attitude To Dreams For Children

Hajime Tsuburaya (center) presumably at the Tokyo Art Center (Bisen)

To give children dreams was Eiji Tsuburaya’s concept in creating the Ultra Series.

It is noteworthy that his first son, Hajime Tsuburaya, requested Toru Fuyuki to compose the theme song for Ultraseven that would let children to learn the attraction of harmony.

This story impressed me so much when I heard about it as an adult as I found how much they had thought of us kids back then.

I think their attitudes to try to give children the best of everything deserve admiration, and I feel extremely happy that I grew up in the days people involved in producing the Ultra Series tried to deal with us kids seriously apart from mere merchandising.


That makes me remember the moment I heard Tohl Narita said to his wife when the Tsuburaya Productions asked him to join the crew members that designing kaijus for children was going to be the toughest job because it’s for children.

These things tell us they never did their job halfheartedly even if the series were mainly for children.

My perception was that it was not until the emergence of the anime ‘Space Battleship Yamato’ in 1974 that elaborate music had been applied to tokusatsu (SFX) or anime TV shows.

When I watch Ultraseven again, however, it makes me aware that the show has already featured a great amount of music I find extremely attractive even now.

The Ultraseven music makes us realize what an important role music could play in affecting the impression of the show in itself.

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