Episode Episode 22: “Sabotage Terrene”
Alias Vicious Underground Mysterious Human
Height 2 m
Weight 100 kg
Emergence Described as below
Homeplace Underground
Features Wearing sunglasses
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor None
Actor Franz Gruber (X) and the others

Underground humans are a race living 40,000 meters underground.

annemorhim4They began to dwell there due to crustal deformation before the ice ages, which made their eyes vestigial and lost.

They abducted an SSSP member Anne Morhim (I didn’t know her last name till now) dispatched from the SSSP Paris Headquarter to the SSSP Japan Headquarter.

An underground woman disguised as Anne sneaked into the SSSP Japan Headquarter.


She wore sunglasses to hide her vestigial eyes.

Pretending to head for the Paris Headquarter with Hayata on the VTOL, she held him captive in their facility 40,000 meters underground.

The leader figure among them is likely to be described as Underground Man X in the settings.

They hypnotized Hayata and made Telesdon rampage above ground.

Underground man X

They tried to make Hayata transform into Ultraman under hypnosis and serve as the leading soldier for invasion of the world above ground along with Telesdon.

X stated they long looked forward to living under the sun by enslaving humans above ground.

But the underground humans were easily extinguished in the unexpected brightness caused by the Flash Beam coming from Beta Capsule Hayata lit.

Pathetic guys.

With the case solved, real Anne was recaptured.

Real Anne is back

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