Unexpected sides of the SSSP members

201511082Actually, you can find Hayata puts down his spoon on the table just before leaving the room.

It’s said that the spoon-holding scene doesn’t exist in the script and that late Director Akio Jissoji came up with the idea of having the hero hold a spoon on the spot.

It’s said these scenes caused controversy among the producers as too much joking.

Right from the start, “A Gift from the Sky” (“Ultraman” Episode 34)  is full of jokes.


201511086Throughout the episode, it comically depicts the SSSP members and even Ultraman have trouble with the merely and meaninglessly heavy monster, Skydon, which fell from the sky suddenly.

I remember splitting my sides while watching it as a kid.

It was also fun for a kid to see the members of SSSP have a toast to the accomplishment of their job with beer in the control room.

And many more.


201511083Director Jissoji went so far as having even Cap. Muramatsu mistakenly wear his SSSP costume on back to front.

It’s said Akiji Kobayashi, actor for Cap. Muramatsu, was also willing to act the scene happily.

All of these might be too much joking around but the SSSP members’ unexpected sides were very much fun to see.

At any rate, it was an extraordinary plot.

It is the Jissoji way to break a cliche plot without hesitation.

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