Unforgettable Theme Song Of Ultraseven


It is said that the beginning chorus of the Ultraseven theme song was applied by Toru Fuyuki at Hajime Tsuburaya’s request to create a song to let children learn the attractiveness of harmony.

While the lyrics were written by Hajime Tsuburaya under the pseudonym of Kyoichi Azuma, he did the same for Ultraman as well, Fuyuki says he had a hard time to compose the theme song as the lyrics were rather short and applied the chorus repeating the phrases ‘Seven, Seven, Seven…’ to prolong the song.

The adopted theme song also has two versions distinctively, the one with the introduction featuring the timpani at the very beginning and the one without it while the former can be heard at the beginning of each episode; the latter on the records.


Fuyuki says he managed to apply to Ultraseven the background music featuring the same theme as the theme song since he got to compose all the music of the show.

It is certain that none of the background music composed by Fuyuki and used in The Return of Ultraman had the same theme as its theme song composed by Koichi Sugiyama.

At any rate, while I absolutely love these pieces of music created by Toru Fuyuki and featured in Ultraseven, I vividly remember we rushed to the TV sets when we started hearing the theme song of Ultraman and Ultraseven played on TV almost reflexively.

Especially, I can’t forget the excitement I felt while watching the opening credits of Ultraseven even now, and I still get excited with it!


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