Unique design of Ultraman

It is well known that Toru Narita decided to see Kaijyu represent “chaos” and Ultraman represent “cosmos.”

And he thought the representative of cosmos needs to be presented by “simple modeling” and “archaic smile.

Yes, Ultraman’s design is simple and looks to be smiling.

I assume his knowledge of ancient Greek statues as a sculptor should have given him such an idea.

Noriyoshi Ikeya, art director of Japanese cinema, who also took part in Ultra Series, depicts as the design of Ultraman is so unique that he   feels admiration for having it widespread successfully.

I remember that Toshihiro Iijima, Japanese director, television producer, playwright, who participated in Ultra Series, also says in an interview that he was so embarrassed to see the suite of Ultraman for the first time, as the mask of Ultraman looked like a wrinkled old man, that he felt really uncertain about the success of the TV series.

It is said that the design of Ultraman without emotional expression was unpopular even among the cast members of Ultraman.

Akiji Kobayashi, who acted Kagaku-Tokuso-Tai (Defense Team against Kaijyu in the world setting of Ultraman) captain Muramatsu, is said to have become silent when seeing the suite of Ultraman.

Hiroko Sakurai, actress who acted as Yuriko Edogawa in Ultra Q and Akiko Fuji, one of Kagaku-Tokuso-Tai , in Ultraman, also confesses she did not like the design of Ultraman.


But, given the design is so unique, they are not to blame.

The magazines of that time featuring Ultraman are said to have dealt with the hero as “righteous mysterious man.”

You can imagine how unique and unusual Ultraman’s design was.

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