Use of a wet suit for the body

A Type Ultraman has its own attractiveness

It’s well known a wet suit was used for the body of Ultraman.

It’ said that the material was used for the body of Kemur for the first time in “Ultra Q.”

It was also played by Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, actor for Ultraman.

Along with the first use of a wet suit, how it looked turned out to be very much satisfactory to Tohl Narita, designer.


And then a wet suit was adopted again for the body of Ultraman.

According to the change of its head three times in the series, the wet suit was also newly made.

The wet suit used for A Type Ultraman is said to have been the one all black, that was called “aqualung suit” in those days.

It was painted silver and bright red.


According to Mr. Furuya, the one all black was used only at the very beginning because it was thin and easily tore.

And the one all bright red was imported from the US, and silver was added to it.

Akira Sasaki, who involved in making the Ultraman costume, says they obtained a all silver suit and added bright red to it.

Though their remarks are contradictory, given a long time has passed since then, it can’t be helped.

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