Variations of C Type Head 1


As you can see, the head of Ultra Seven has autographs on its back which are those of Koji Moritsugu, who played Dan Moroboshi, and Akira Sasaki, who sculpted the head of Ultraman and Ultra Seven.

Even the complicatedly designed head of Seven looks so much different only with the shape of the eyes.

Subtle differences make it all the more likely to give a different look to the simply designed head of Ultraman.


The heads of Ultraman, both B and C Type, look adorably beautiful at any rate.

I hear the C Type head used in the shooting still remains somewhere after being detached from the suit deteriorated with age though I’ve never seen it on display in the exhibitions.

After the shooting of all the series of “Ultraman,” it’s said Akira Sasaki duplicated tree pieces of the C Type head from the original mold for Tohl NaritaSatoshi (Bin) Furuya and Akira Sasaki himself in commemoration.


The replica masks shown in the photo above are:

1.  Displayed at the exhibition “Ultraman Art”

2. Owned by Tohl Narita

3. Owned by Satoshi Furuya

The one Mr. Narita had in life is shown in “The Art of Tohl Narita.”

And the one Mr. Furuya has was shown in a TV program, and his memoir also has the picture on the cover.

Even the same C Type head duplicated from the same mold, it’s interesting they really look different.

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