Variations of C Type Head 2


The face of Ultraman is designed so simply.

So it looks so much different according to the size, shape and angle of the eyes and where they are placed on the face.

According to the pictures posted yesterday, No.1 displayed in the exhibition and No.3 owned by Satoshi (Bin) Furuya look similar.

But No. 1 has the eye holes though No. 3 has none of those.



These two look very much beautiful, gentle and kind of intelligent.

Looks like their eyes are a bit smaller and placed higher than those on the head used for the actual shooting as pictured above.

No. 2 owned by Tohl Narita looks angry, in spite of the usual slight smile, which makes me imagine Nio, the guardian deity of the Buddha, with an expression of rage against the evil.

It looks so dependable and the angle of the eyes reminds me of the mask of A Type.


The slightly curved shape of the chin commonly seen among the three heads proves that they were duplicated from the same mold as the one used in the shooting.

The simple face of Ultraman shows various expressions from different angles.

It shows courage or, sometimes, sadness and so on.

Both Satoshi Furuya and Koji Uenishi who played Ultraman and Ultra Seven respectively say it’s very much difficult to play wearing the mask and show expressions.

But I think they did a great job in successfully playing the heroes expressively.

Slight curve to your right hand side

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