Variations of C Type Head 3

Ultraman (far left), Zoffy and Returned Ultraman

The eyes of Ultaraman and Ultra Seven are made of PVC plates shaped with a method called heat press.

Akira Sasaki who sculpted the head of Ultraman and Ultra Seven explains he heats PVC plates till it becomes soft and keeps pressing it against the cast for shaping the eyes.

Now such masks must be made by 3D printing, but I feel a sense of warmth and vitality out of the hand-made and, in the event, unsymmetrical ones.


Regarding to Zoffy, the eyes are attached a bit higher than those of Ultraman.

Zoffy was also played by Satoshi (Bin) Furuya who acted Ultraman.

The costume of Ultraman lying in front of Zoffy in the last episode of “Ultraman” was actually empty.

And Zoffy’s eyes have no eye holes probably because he just appears and talks to Ultraman with no battle scenes.


Therefore the eyes should have been attached with no regard to the position of Mr. Furuya’s eyes.

According to one explanation, the head of (Returned) Ultraman of “Return of Ultraman” (1971-72) was copied and cast from the one of Zoffy.

Now that it’s mentioned, they seem to have a similar look.

Though the heads of Zoffy and Returned Ultraman look longer than the one of Ultraman, the slightly curved shape their chins have in common show they were made from the same cast.

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