What Happened To Type C Ultraman Suit?

Tokusatsu Hiho vol.1 published in 2015

In yesterday’s post I explained the possible transition shown by the Zoffy mask used from the Zoffy suit to the Returned Ultraman costume speculatively publicized in a book and online.

Just to make sure, it was the Zoffy mask that is assumed to have been used for the Returned Ultraman costume, not the whole costume.

Then all of these make us wonder what happened to the Type C Ultraman suit after being used in the TV show.

The caption says “Kaiju Paradise 196X”

Putting together the pieces of information referred to, there was no idea back then of producing costumes to be used solely for attraction performance `shows, at such shows the costumes actually used in the shooting appeared while it is quite a luxury by today’s standards to be able to see the “real” costumes.

Therefore they had no thought of producing plural costumes of the same character while such events as attraction performance were held in every part of the nation with great popularity in those days.

Meanwhile it can be imagined the Zoffy costume and the Type C Ultraman suit should have been used as Ultraman at such events.

Dada and Magma Taishi can be found behind Ultraman

In the magazine “Tokusatsu Hiho (secret treasure)” precious photos taken at an event back then are shown with exactly the legendary Type C Ultraman costume and the other tokusatsu characters.

As the wetsuit material deteriorates as time passes, these costumes should have been disposed of after the masks were taken off the costumes, and the Zoffy mask might have been used for the Returned Ultraman (rejected) suit while it remains unknown why the Type C mask was not used as it is unthinkable the mask was disposed of along with the wetsuit body.

2 thoughts on “What Happened To Type C Ultraman Suit?”

  1. 1. Booska-san, When finished reading each of your articles. I Feel like a boy who watching Ultraman series and always waiting for the next episode With excitement .
    2. Who wore ultraman suit in the pictures ? He looked good and fit with the real Type C suit as I think He probably be Mr. Furuya.

    1. Really? I’m so glad to hear that indeed. Thank you very much, pisit-san!
      As to the photo, unfortunately, it is unknown who wore the costume at that time with no explanation.

      I am sorry to say I guess it would be unlikely, however, that Bin Furuya was inside as he should not have been involved as a suit actor anymore after the series ended.
      But it looks like the suit really fits the actor inside except he doesn’t seemingly have long limbs like Bin-san as the arm parts look a bit loose with unnatural folds rising around the elbows according to my analysis. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your view!

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