Who named Ultraman?


As to the production, it was named after the previous series “Ultra Q.”

In the story, Ultraman appearing in front of Hayata just identified himself as the spaceman from Nebula M-78.

The narration by Koji Ishizaka, when Ultraman battles with Bemular, goes like this:

“Hayata left life to by the spaceman from Nebula M-78 has transformed into the spaceman with the Beta Capsule. He has become an immortal man who flies in the sky at the speed of Mach 5 and smashes any enemy with mighty energy. Go, our hero!”

The name of the spaceman is not mentioned in the narration at this time.

Just he is called as “spaceman” as you can see.

The hero is handled as a mysterious spaceman.

After Bemular was beaten by Ultraman, Hayata came in one piece to the member of Kagaku Tokuso-tai.

The fact that Hayata is now Ultraman is the secret.

Yes! It should be a secret for this kind of story.

Hayata asked Cap. Muramatsu what’s become of Bemular.

Muramatsu answered a spaceman got rid of it.

Hayata says,”Oh, he appeared as I expected.”

Hayata tells that “he” also helped him out.

Impatiently Ide asked what is the name of the spaceman.

Hayata answered, “He has no name.”

No name!

After thinking, Hayata asked, “How about Ultraman?”

This is how the spaceman was named Ultraman.

Lovable easy-goingness.

I love it!

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