Who Played Garamon?

Eiji Tsuburaya speaking to Minoru Takahashi

Thinking of the abundant and subtle (probably I should add this word) expressiveness of the Ultra kaijus, the suit actors’ fervent performance should be another important factor to remember.

Garamon is also an unforgettable monster whose unique behavioral gestures as a robot monster were found absolutely impressive while these were performed by the actor Minoru Takahashi.

When you look at the body proportion of Garamon, you will be aware that the monster measures just about 3-heads tall.


And the photo shot on the set for ‘Garamon Strikes Back’ with the main cast members in it shows he is a very tiny monster in reality even compared with Hiroko Sakurai, allegedly 155 centimeters tall.

It’s said that applying the small size to the monster was a means to make him look relatively large in comparison with the Yumigatani Dam miniature that was to be destroyed by the meteorite monster.

Takahashi is said to have been 115 centimeters tall according to the  measurements figured out by Ryosaku Takayama before sculpting the costume.

It is said to have been Toru Matoba, SFX director, who came up with the idea of assigning Takahashi to the role of Garamon.


While Takahashi was a diligent actor who followed the director’s instructions without complaint and tried to elaborate his own performance to make it look better, the shooting with the costume on seems to have been so tough to the seemingly relatively old age actor who was short on physical strength.

That may be why he didn’t play Pigmon in Episode 8 and Episode 37 of Ultraman and Pigmon turned out to be acted by a child actor (the height of the costume was extended).

Nevertheless, Takahashi’s charming performance should have greatly helped Garamon remain to be a representative monster of Ultra Q.


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