Who voiced Ultraman?


It’s well known Ultraman shouts in a unique way in battles with monsters and aliens like “Schwa!” or “Schwatch!”

I think these shouts uttered by Ultraman should be a kind of kiai which is commonly seen in Japanese martial arts such as karate and judo.

Kiai is often used to encourage yourself not only to intimidate an opponent.


It should also be meant to be a breathing technique in performing moves of martial arts.

It may also be associated with the Japanese ancestral faith in word spirit.

Anyway, not only the appearance but the characteristic shouts made Ultraman all the more unique and distinctive from the other heroes we were familiar with before then.

Ultraman’s shouts were played by Masao Nakasone (1935-1993), voice actor who was active in the 1960’s to 1970’s.


To make the shout sound like that of an alien, many attempts and efforts seem to have been made such as having Mr. Nakasone shout with his head put in a piano to get a unique resonance.

The shout of Ultraman we are so much familiar with today was born that way.

Such attempts and efforts realized the hero never seen and heard before in the appearance, the performance and even the voice!

Ultraman is epoch-making at any rate in every respect!!!

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