Why is he called Ultra Seven?

Dan has transformed into Seven (Episode 1)

Finally, Alien Cool is defeated by Ultra Seven.

Keeping his real identity secret, Dan is permitted to enroll in Ultra Garrison by having his accomplishments recognized in cooperating with them.

Why is a vagabond able to have joined them so easily?

Forget about it!!!


Ultraman is an enigmatic existence beyond our understanding.

He first appeared in the mysterious red light ball and united with Hayata sharing life with each other.

On the other hand, Dan is Ultra Seven himself.

That succeeded in making us feel more familiar with the hero.


Do you remember Hayata named “him” as Ultraman?

Not mentioned in the drama, it is also said he named Ultraman after “Ultra Mission #1” of SSSP for attacking Bemular.

“Ultra Mission #1” is also the subtitle of Ultraman Episode 1.

How about Seven?


Ultra Seven means the 7th member of Ultra Garrison.

Dan is the 6th member who has newly joined them.

Caprtain Kiriyama has named the spaceman who defeated Alien Cool as the 7th member of theirs, not knowing Dan is the spaceman,

It is said, although the scene of naming was actually shot, it was cut off to make the drama fit the 30-minute-long time frame.

Anne’s dialogue “Go, Ultra Seven!” and Amagi’s “Oh, it’s Ultra Seven!” both in Episode 2, are the first appearance of the name.

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