Wide Shot

Wide Shot (from Episode 15)

Looks like there are people who say Kazuho Mitsuta, one of the directors for the Ultra Series, came up with the use of Eye Slugger as a boomerang when it got broken and came off accidentally in the shooting.

But it sounds contradictory to Akira Sasaki’s remark previously posted.

As it is a long ago, the truth will remain unknown.


Actually, Seven has another finishing blow called Wide Shot.

Alien Iyros (or Ayros, Episode 13) is a formidable enemy, though it doesn’t look so, neither Emerium Beam nor Eye Slugger had effect on.

That makes us feel intimidated and strained for a moment.

But Seven held up his arms in L shape slowly…!

A mighty beam shot from Seven’s vertical arm has smashed Alien Iyros!

Incidentally, Episode 13 is also worth seeing as a human drama depicting the friendship between the two men, Cap. Kiriyama and Cap. Kurata, which is very much impressive.


It is said Wide Shot is the most powerful and destructive beam among Seven’s beams only for use when Seven’s energy is sufficient.

As the shot is energy-consuming, it was not used so frequently throughout the episodes.

When we are at it, the name “Iyros (Ayros)” derives from Aischylos, poet of ancient Greece though it has nothing to do with the story.

Alien Iyros (Ayros)

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