WINDOM (Making)

Design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “I made a horned owl’s face look mechanical.”

Windom is set to be a space monster with an appearance like a robot while his emergence in the first episode of “Ultraseven” might have successfully helped make the series look distinctive from “Ultraman” in which we didn’t see any robot monster appear in the preceding show unfortunately.

Although not much can be heard from Narita about the excellent design of Windom, I like the design very much and it is fun to find in it features similar to the design of Ultraseven such as the crest on top of the head and hollowed eyes with radiation lines from each center.

The mechanical-looking antennas sticking out of the eye centers and the lower parts of the head make the design of Windom  fully attractive.

Head design drawn by Tohl Narita

I remember Ryosaku Takayama said in his kaiju sculpting diary covered in a tokusatsu magazine Uchusen back then the complex design of the face gave him a hard time to sculpt it as I find it really cool and I think he did a great job in spite of the presumably limited time to form the design faithfully into the real-life head.

It is also attractive to see Windom’s mouth open with a roar like a monster with a biological look, and the roars are said to have come from those of Mechani-Kong that appeared in the 1967 Toho movie “King Kong Escapes.”

Whereas it seems that the original head of Windom doesn’t remain anymore regrettably, a replica head with precisely reproduced features can often be seen at an exhibition as I actually saw it while it is uncertain whether it is from the original mold (as it is described just as a replica).

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