Episode Episode 1: The Invisible Challenger

Episode 24: Return to the North!

Episode 39: The Seven Assassination Plan (Beginning)

Alias Capsule Monster
Height micro – 40 meters
Weight 0 – 23,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Metal of Nebula M78
Features Firing laser shot from the lamp; very week when the lamp gets attacked
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Sadao Haruhara (now Hikaru Otsuki) (1): Kunio Suzuki (24): Toshihiko Saikyo (39)
Note 1. Windom was to appear in Episode 32 and 46 as well but replaced by Agira

2. Miclas was to appear in Episode 1 and 39 instead of Windom

Windom is one of the capsule monsters which side with Ultraseven.

I love Windom best among the capsule monsters as he looks good.

They are the monsters from Nebula M78 and contained in the capsules Dan Moroboshi carries with him.

They fight against enemies on behalf of Ultraseven when Dan can’t turn into Seven for some reason.

Three capsule monsters in total appeared in UltrasevenWindom, Miclas and Agira.

Episode 1

Although Windom looks like a robot, he’s set to be a monster from Planet Metal of Nebula M78.

But, as Dan referred to Windom as having an electronic brain in Episode 24, that makes me wonder what kind of life form he is.

Is the mechanical-looking body his real form or something like an armor he wears? Or could he be a cyborg monster?

Thinking of it keeps me awake all night!  😀

Episode 24

Windom’s weapon is laser shot he fires from the lamp on the head, and the lamp is also his weak point which was attacked every time.

In Episode 1, he was returned to the capsule after being beaten with the lamp shot by the beam from the opponent.

In Episode 24, Alien Cannan deranged his electronic brain by shooting the lamp with a beam attack and made him battle with Seven.

And, sadly enough, he was finally destroyed in explosion by Alien Guts in Episode 39 who also shot his lamp with a beam.

Episode 39

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